North Geragai

LPG Recovery Plant - Santa Fe Energy Resources Jabung Ltd


Data and Overview

Project Data

Location : North Geragai – Jambi, Sumatera
Duration of project : 12 (twelve) months



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In April 22, 2000, PT. Sumber Daya Kelola and its partner Hamilton Engineering PC. USA awarded by Santa Fe Energy Resources - Jabung to supply and construct of 1 (one) unit 60 MMSCFD, Skid Mounted Internal Refrigeration Gas Processing Plant consist of:

  1. Gas Processing Unit (3 unit)
  2. Refrigeration Compressor (2 unit)
  3. Residue Gas Compressor (2 unit)
  4. Refrigeration Condenser (1 unit)
  5. De-Butanizer Condenser (1 unit)
  6. Bullet type / 50 M Ton LPG Tanks (9 unit)
  7. Interconnecting Piping System 
  8. Other Equipment

This plant is one of main equipment of SFER Jabung Ltd production operation facilities, in order to support their future gas sales to Singapore, in terms of stabilizing the gas heating value and in the same time having an added value by stripping the heavy component of gas become to be Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Condensate.

The calculated plant production capacity are :

  • Lean Gas = 54.28 MMSCFD @ 1000 MBTU /SCF
  • LPG = 251.40 Metric Ton/day
  • Condensate = 1569 Bbl/day

Scope of contract

  • Design Engineering
  • Fabrication
  • Shipping & Transport
  • Installations
  • Start Up
  • Commissioning
  • Provide the operation License (SKPI)
  • Operational Technical Assistance