H&H Technical

1949 Sugarland Drive, Suite 134
Sheridan, Wyoming 82801 USA

H&H Technical, LLC., incorporated in 2004, provides oil and gas industrial engineering and manufacturing services - specializing in the design, engineering, fabrication, installation, and commissioning of gas processing equipment. They have designed and fabricated gas processing facilities ranging in thorough-put capacity from 100 MSCFD to 60 MMSCFD; since 2004, they have developed projects ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars to several million and they have the expertise to respond and execute solutions accordingly to a project's size.

The roots of their company's expertise extend from 1976, with H & H partner Mike Harkins & Bill Hamiltons’ (retired) work at Process Equipment Company, a gas processing equipment design and manufacturing business where the two met. Bill went on to form his own company to in the gas processing business, Hamilton Engineering, in 1986, with Mike joining him at its start-up. The company grew with the addition of Bill's son and H & H partner Brian Hamilton in 1996. With Bill's retirement, Mike and Brian carried on the business as H&H Technical. In recent years, H&H Technical and W.L. Hamilton Engineering have been instrumental in the design, engineering and manufacturing of over 400 gas processing units, amine treating units, diesel topping units and sulfur recovery units. Including their experience with Process Equipment Corp., they have been involved with over 700 processing units. We're proud their history provides their clients with over 30 years of experience in the gas processing business.

With their experience and their ability to execute demanding projects, they have built a fine reputation in North America for their technical work in the office, in the shop, and in the field. This reputation has led to projects commissioned from outside the United States, and they developed their capacities for the international work their drive for professional excellence has generated. As a result, they command the additional gas processing experience and capability for international projects they developed from providing solutions for facilities in other countries, including Nigeria, China, and Indonesia.

Currently their capacities including a shop for manufacturing / fabrication and business offices for design and engineering. Their shop facilities, located in Sheridan and the natural gas heartland of Wyoming’s Powder River Basin, include 5,400 sq. ft. of working area with 5,000 sq. ft. under cranes. They have two 5 ton cranes as well as air compressor, drill press, fork lifts and all other necessary welding equipment, electrical equipment, and crew to meet ytheir needs. They do all piping per ANSI B31.3 specifications and their welding crew meets these criteria. When specified, all vessels and exchangers meet ASME Section VII design and construction. The NAPA 70 Code sets the benchmark for all electrical work. Their years of experience has allowed them to discover and carefully select the best vendors in the market place for quality and value.

H&H Technical business offices – technical and administrative – and drafting department are located at a separate location. They use the latest version of Bryan Research and Engineering's ProMax program for process simulations. Their drafting department use the latest version of AutoCad. to draw all skids, vessels and piping, which gives three dimensional drawings complete with spool pieces and material lists. They also can be frequently found in their "office away from the office", the gas field, starting up a new H&H Technical designed and fabricated gas processing facility.

Design and Manufacturing Services

H&H Technical LLC., a Wyoming corporation, offers a full range of engineering, design, and manufacturing services to meet the ever-changing needs of today's gas industry. A partial list of capabilities, services, and references follows:


  • Design, engineering, planning, and fabrication of skid-mounted gas processing facilities.
  • Commissioning and start-up services.
  • Process design calculations performed using the Bryan Research and Engineering Simulation Program.
  • Process calculations to determine optimum plant operating conditions on existing plants.
  • Drafting capabilities, including use of the latest version of AutoCAD drafting system as it evolves.
  • Feasibility studies on gas related projects, including, but not limited to: gas processing units, gas transportation, gas injection, gas compression, gas clean up, and dew point control plants.
  • Design, engineering, fabrication, and fitting of amine plants to remove hydrogen sulfide and/or carbon dioxide from produced gas.
  • Design, engineering, fabrication, and fitting of fractionation facilities to produce propellant grade propane, iso-butane, and n-butane for the propellant industry.
  • Design, engineering, fabrication, and fitting of diesel topping units to produce naphtha, diesel fuel, jet "A", and resid.
  • Process and equipment sizing to determine used plants' capabilities in new installations.

Field Services:

  • Complete commissioning and start-up assistance is included with all H&H Technical LLC-equipment when required.
  • Schools covering all aspects of the gas processing industry.
  • Process trouble shooting on existing plants.
  • Supervision and inspection of equipment being installed.


  • Manufacturing complete gas processing units including plants, dehydrators, sweetening units, and dew point control units.
  • Assistance in field installation of units.