Cemara Selatan

Kilang Mini LPG Cemara Selatan


Data and Overview

Project Data

Mini LPG Gas Processing Plant, NFG Cemara Selatan (NFG-CMS)

Utilize Gas from Pertamina SP-CMS Field Cemara Selatan to produce LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and Condensate.

Plant Name :  Kilang Mini LPG NFG Cemara Selatan

Location :  Losarang, Indramayu, West Java, Indonesia

Total Plant Area :  9,000 sqm

Plant Capacity :  3.50 MMSCFD

LPG production :  4,000 Tons per Annual

Condensate production :  17,000 Bbls per Annual


Following on the success with Tugu Barat LPG Plant and considering on the needs of domestic LPG, PT.SDK signed gas purchase agreement with Pertamina EP to utilize gas from Cemara Selatan field on July 2009.

Based on the gas purchase contract, PT.SDK built and operates another LPG Plant named Kilang NFG Cemara Selatan (NFG-CMS) with a capacity of 3.5 mmscfd and located next to Pertamina SP-CMS.

The NFG-CMS Plant Start-Up and Commissioning held on July 2012 and already start the production on August 2012.



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