Board of Directors

Michael John Siwu
President Director



  • Good in speak, read, listening, write and communicate in English.
  • Experience in local and international work environment.
  • Experience in Oil and Gas (Energy) business.
  • Experience and enjoy in doing business development also capable for sales and marketing.
  • Have management ability and could work with team and able to deal with complexity.
  • Experience as project manager in a number of Construction Information Technology and Telecommunication Projects.
  • As system analyst and project planner in many projects.
  • Computer and Network:
    • Have knowledge about telecommunication networking model, design, technique (Hub, Router, Cable, Wireless, Infra-red, Etc.).
    • Computer skill familiar with one or more Operating System (Windows, Novell, Linux, 3COM, Pathway, etc.).
    • Know well to operate ms office, internet and able to make a web site.



  • The last 7 years working in Oil and Energy Industry as Director. Have a good relation with Government and Private LPG Plant around Sumatera (PT Pertamina, PT Surya Esa Perkasa, PT Perta Samtan Gas) and LPG Plant around Java (PT Pertamina EP, PT Pertamina Gas, PT Yudistira, PT Bina Bangun Wibawa Mukti, PT Odira, PT TWU, PT Gasuma Federal Indonesia).
  • Over 30 years (1981 – 2006) working in Information Technology and Telecommunication industry.
  • Prior to becoming a Consultant in Information Technology and Telecommunication, I was one of the management in PT. Pusat Informatika.  Before that I was working with Lucent Technologies as Regional Account Manager, previously I was Engineering Manager in AT&T NSI.
  • Since 2005 with PT Inti Cahaya Persada and other previous company, I held various key positions as Senior Manager, General Manager, Project Leader and Supervisor.
  • I have done engineering, project management, consultancy, sales & marketing and business development.
  • I have been posted in several positions to do easy and complex task.


2006-2013 Director, PT Harindo Putra Jaya, PT Harindo Mitra Gas Utama responsible for Business Development and Marketing LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and Gas Condensate.

2005-2006 Technical Director, PT Inti Cahaya Persada responsible for all technical facilities and  administration to support marketing department to sell IT product & service out of the country using internet service as Outsourcing Company.

2004-2005 Director, PT. Swara Rhadana Dunia (Radio A 96.7 FM) In charge for all operation matters.

2000-2003 PT. Indoguna Sistemtama, Jakarta, Indonesia

  • IT Consultant for PT. Angkasa Pura I.
  • Design and Develop Data Warehouse system for PT. POS Indonesia
  • Maintain the Sistem Informasi Manajemen Kepegawaian Republik Indonesia SIMKRI (Government of Republic of Indonesia Employee Management Information System) for Badan kepegawaian Negara (Government Employment Body).
  • Execute project for move Government employee data from Head Quarter to all Province and sub province due to the new autonomy regulation for Badan kepegawaian Negara (Government Employment Body).
  • Develop office automation (Correspondent system) in PT. Timah Indonesia.


1997-2000 PT. Pusat Informatika, Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Airport Operation Information System Y2K Project in Soekarno Hatta Airport (PT. Angkasa Pura II).


1992-1996, AT&T Network System & Lucent Technologies Indonesia

  • Account Manager, PT. Lucent Technologies Indonesia, responsible for sales and marketing, make, maintain and formulate relation with other vendors to sell product to PT. Telkom KSO (Joint Operation) partner.  Customers are: Aria West area West Java, MGTI area Central Java and BUKAKA SINGTEL area East Indonesia.
  • Office Engineering Manager, PT. AT&T NS Indonesia, responsible for survey, design and drawing the complete Hardware and software for all AT&T products produce/assemble in Indonesia as input for Logistic, Production, Installation and Maintenance department.  For the following products:
    • Telephone Exchange, Wireless Base Station, Power System, Cable Copper or Fiber Optic, Transmission.


1981-1992 PT. Pusat Informatika, Jakarta, Indonesia

  • 1991-1992 Business Development Manager and Product manager
    • Autodesk Product (AutoCad)
  • 1985-1991 Project Manager
    • Manage several projects: Training, Government Information System, General election Information System, Cengkareng Int. Airport Operation Information System
  • 1981-1985 Computer Engineer and Instructor
    • Programmer in the implementation of Airport Operation Information System in Steria Engineerie, France.
    • Programmer and Instructor.
    • Install and Train IBM mainframe system software.



  • Design and build WEB of PT. Pantja Indohitech Komputer and Grand Mahakam Hotel.
  • Developed Radio Broadcasting System in PT. Swara Rhadana Dunia (Radio A 96.7 FM), Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • Technical assistant for setting up restaurant portal business “”.
  • Project Manager in West Java Back Bone Telecommunication project (Fibber Optic).
  • Technical advisor in setting up new technology Phone & Fax over IP and also participate in establishing the Joint Operation Company in-charge for all technical and administration subject matter with between PT. Pinternet Lintas Buana and PT. POS Indonesia (WasantaraNet).  The company was selling VOIP (Voice Over IP) and FOIP (Fax Over IP).



  • 1984, STERIA Engineerie, France.
    • Developed Cengkareng Int. Airport Operation Information System phase I.
  • 1989, STERIA Engineerie, France.
    • Developed Cengkareng Int. Airport Operation Information System phase II.
  • 1994, AT&T Network System International, Indian Hill, Illinois, USA.
    • Set up a standard quality procedure for existing and new AT&T Joint ventures.
  • 1994, AT&T International Engineering Division, Saint Louis, USA.
    • Set up standard procedure to reduce cost and increase productivity of the engineering process.



  1. University of  Indonesia (Electrical Engineer)



  1. Briton English School, JKT, Indonesia
    1. English Business Conversation
  2. LPPM, JKT, Indonesia
    1. English Business Correspondence
  3. AT&T-Network System Training Center, JKT, Indonesia
    1. 5ESS Switch Delta Courses,
    2. Hardware Engineering
  4. AT&T Management & Engineering, Singapore
    1. (Interpreting the ISO9000 Standard
  5. AT&T-NS-ID Training Center, Bandung, Indonesia
    1. (5ESS Switch System Introduction
  6. AT&T Networks Systems Nederland, Huizen, Netherlands
    1. Switch System Engineering
  7. AT&T Corporate Education and Training, Lisle, Il, USA
    1. AT&T Telessentials Curriculum,
    2. SHELL Command Language,
    3. Fundamentals of the UNIX System,
    4. Mastering The SHELL Toolkit,
    5. 5ESS Switch Translations and Data Base System
  8. AT&T Advance Software Technology, Naperville, Il, USA
    1. ODIN Data Base System
  9. AT&T Bell Laboratories, Naperville, Il, USA
    1. Telephony Data and Software Engineering
  10. AutoDesk Inc. Sausolito, Ca, USA
    1. Product Distribution Strategy
  11. University of Brawijaya and Media Indonesia, JKT, Indonesia
    1. Multi Management,
    2. Executive Leadership
  12. Informatics inc., Singapore
    1. Selling the product



Computers, tennis, reading, traveling