Board of Commissioners

Ghea S Panggabean
President Commissioner

Fashion Designer, she studied and graduated from Lucie Clayton College of Dress Making Fashion Design and Chelsea Academy of Fashion in London. She has also received many awards locally and internationally. Her name was hoisted from the batik design, jumputan and Songket from Palembang. In 1979 Ghea proclaimed Ghea Fashion Studio in Jalan Subang No. 12 Menteng, Central Jakarta.

Famous on her sphere, Ghea becomes identical with her Jumputan. Jumputan is a batik style that is almost forgotten. In addition to the worldwide spreading of Jumputan, Ghea also promote Palembang songket who also became her favorite and local fashion repertoire continues to be a concern. Now the works of Ghea Panggabean can be seen and meet in outlets from small town to the world famous Sogo department and Harrods in London, England.

Concern for the environment also makes Ghea enter the energy business, especially in the LPG, which is still imported from abroad. In her visits to remote areas in the country, Ghea sees a lot of potential energy which is still unmanaged either wasted (burned). Ghea understood that PT Sumber Daya Kelola have the proven technology and expertise and also have an ability to process the gas flares into environmentally friendly energy, and can empower local communities and open up new jobs. For that, the opportunity to take over PT SDK from PT. RMI is not wasted by her.